Here’s An Alligator Trying To Eat A Huge Python Trying To Eat The Alligator, Aka ‘Just Another Day In Florida’

Not that any of you bros care, but I’ll soon be moving back to my ancestral land of Florida. It’s the place where I spent the first several decades of my life while learning things like ‘how to hide swamp ass in a pair of khaki shorts’ and ‘how to catch an alligator snapping turtle with your bare hands’. As a young Boy Scout I spent countless hours in the swamps of Florida, camping everywhere from from Suwannee River (Okefenokee Swamp) in North Florida on down to John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park in the Florida Keys, and I came across countless alligators and snakes. Furthermore, I grew up on a golf course named ‘Gator Creek’ in Sarasota, and as the name implies it was CRAWLING with alligators. One thing I never saw though was an alligator eating a python eating an alligator. This exact encounter was captured by a golfer this week down in Florida and shared to The Classics Country Club at Lely Resort’s Facebook page:

As I’m sure each and every one of you bros already knows: these massive pythons are not native to Florida. It might seem like they’re native because there’s so goddamn many of them these days, but the pythons have overtaken The Everglades, all of South Florida, and are beginning to push up into the Panhandle all thanks to some exotic pets dealers who released all of their animals into The Everglades prior to several hurricanes in the past few decades.

Being the apex predators that they are the pythons have flourished in the swampy climate of Florida and the inevitable apex predator vs. apex predator clashes between pythons and gators are becoming more and more frequent as the snakes have all had time to grow to the size of small dragons. This particular showdown of the alligator eating the snake eating the alligator went down at the Classics Country Club at Lely Resorts in Naples, Florida, a place where most of you probably have at least one elderly aunt, uncle, or grandparent living.

Anyways, going back me moving back to Florida…. As I begin to reset my mind from living the past decade in the concrete jungle of Manhattan to moving back into the slow pace of life most people are accustomed to living in Florida, I’m going to be taking you bros on a journey with me once again into the most WTFlorida content imaginable. There was a time when I was doing a weekly ‘WTFlorida’ column here on BroBible of the 10 most WTF things that happened in Florida each week, but it sort of fell by the wayside. I’m not sure I’ll be relaunching that column, but if I were you I’d expect to be seeing more and more WTFlorida content in the coming days.