10 Awesome Things We Saw at American Honey’s #Barsity Kickball Tournament in Vegas

Scott Eastwood

When Wild Turkey American Honey needed a bourbon-loving celebrity Bro to ref a bubble soccer game, they looked to Clint Eastwood’s super-chill son Scott.  Born in born in Cali and raised in Hawaii, Scott Eastwood is pretty much the ultimate “I-crush-life” left coast surfing bro. Dude has shredded waves all around the world and owns Saddle Bar in San Diego’s Solana Beach. After years of bartending, he’s now in the family business: Starring in “Fury,” David Ayer's new World War II movie that features Brad Pitt and Shia LaBeouf. Turns out Scott's years behind the bar paid off: We spent the weekend downing his signature Wild Turkey American Honey cocktail, the Honey Gobbler:


The American Honeys

Hanging out in Vegas with hot babes is about as BroBible as it gets. So. Hot. These babes need their own swimsuit pictorial. Oh yeah, they love BroBible too…



Zeds Dead



There are two absolute truths when it comes to a Vegas binge: The house always wins and you’ll inevitably end up in a ridiculously swanky nightclub dancing your ass off. We ended up in Surrender poppin’ bottles to Zeds Dead. Afterwards, we all felt like a bunch of assholes. Awesome, dubstep-deaf assholes, that is.

Kickass BroBible readers



Back in September, we announced a contest with American Honey to hook a lucky BroBible and a friend up with a free trip to Vegas for the festivities. To win, a BroBible reader had to Tweet a funny/awesome kickball team name. The winner of the contest was We Got the Runs, as Tweeted by BroBible reader @eddiep22. In a true Bro move, he brought his brother to rage in Vegas. Hanging out with our readers was by far the highlight of the trip. Thanks for being awesome, you guys.

By the looks of it, their night ended just as awesomely as ours:




Swaggy custom BroBible jerseys

The American Honey crew swagged us out with these dopesauce BroBible jerseys for our bubble soccer game. Things got weird…

If you haven’t played bubble soccer, DO IT…


Yeah, sportsmanship: It will billed as Rage in the Cage, but the $10,000 winner-take-all tournament didn’t devolve into any brawls. And in a stunner, there was nary an asshole to be found. I know, that’s weird for adult recreational sports. But the sponsor’s emphasis on selecting chill teams was greatly rewarded with spirited but respectful competition. Even as the grand prize grew closer, teams were cheery and good-natured to each other. Sure, the constant music and feel-good libations may have played a role.

A ridiculous St. Louis Cardinals World Series ring

 The world-class emcee, Todd Thomas, kept the good vibes flowing all day with his unique brand of wit and hey-look-at-those-girls incantations. He served a vital role in keeping score, keeping interest, and keeping all eyes on the aforementioned American Honeys. His dance moves, too, were so on point that no words here can adequately do them justice.

Flava Flav

 You know you’re having a good night when the contractually punctual Flava Flav shows up to shout mildly coherent things at you. We think he was imploring the club to keep partying, but, for a wide variety of reasons, we can’t be entirely sure.

A KISS wedding chapel

We repeat .. a freakin’ KISS wedding chapel. If you're even in Vegas, it's right across the street from the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. There's a mini-golf course inside, too, that looks like a bad Gene Simmons acid trip. It was simulataneously the most awesome and most depressing thing ever.

A novelty check

 When the Chicago team clinched the championship, we weren’t necessarily jealous of the $10,000 jackpot. We were jealous of the awesome novelty check. Seriously, if receiving a Happy Gilmore-like rectangular hunk of cardboard isn’t on your life’s Bucket List, you need to seriously reconsider your existence. Real talk.