Amtrak Hits New Customer Service Low By Responding To Tweet From Woman Stuck In Elevator 7 Months Too Late

Comcast has found an adversary in the quest for “company with the worst customer service.” Amtrak put itself in the conversation by checking on a customer stuck in an elevator — 7 months too late. 

Back in February, Amanda Carpenter, who is a former communications director for Senator Ted Cruz,  sent out a tweet saying she was trapped in an Amtrak elevator at an airport. On Wednesday, more than 6 months later, Amtrak responded to her call for help, tweeting back “We are sorry to hear that. Are you still in the elevator?”

Are you still in the…

ARE YOU STILL IN THE ELEVATOR?!?! Let’s image she was..SHE’D BE DEAD and not really up for responding to a tweet.

The company actually responded to Carpenter’s original call for help in February, but claim someone had recently retweeted the original post, which “put it back on its radar.” This is all according to Mashable.

The company laughed off the mistake and offered Carpenter a free ride on the Acela of her choice.

[via News965]

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