This Anti-LSD Ad From The 60s About A Hot Dog Coming Alive While A Lady Ate It Will Make You Wanna Do So Much Acid

The first time I tried acid, I was drunk at 1 in the morning and it could not have gone worse. The friend who gave it to me wigged out and locked himself in his room, and I was left to wander our dorm and trip by myself, wasted and high.

It wasn’t great, but it certainly didn’t sour me off LSD. There were still plenty of cool aspects to it. So the next time, I took it at a more reasonable hour when I wasn’t completely intoxicated and had a great time.

Alls that to say, one bad trip shouldn’t ever scare you off a drug, even if it’s your first time, even if the hot dog you are trying to eat comes to life.

That’s the rub of this anti-LSD ad from 1969. Ohhh no, a hot dog is alive and I can’t eat it. Nooo. I dunno about you, but that sounds awesome.

Our lady protagonist’s bad trip here came, she says, because beforehand she was jacked on marijuana.

So I guess there is a lesson in all this: Be sober the first time you try LSD. It’ll be fine. And if your hot dog comes to life, eat it anyway. It’ll certainly die then.

[Via Raw Story]