This Bizarre Anti-Marijuana Campaign Featuring A ‘Stoner Sloth’ Backfires Tremendously

by 4 years ago

It seems that people everywhere are accepting marijuana as a legal and relatively safe drug. Not so fast says Australia! The Australian state of New South Wales has rolled out an anti-marijuana campaign that features “Stoner Sloth.”

The anti-weed movement features adorable sloths taking on somewhat human form, but they indulge in marijuana. The campaign’s tagline is “You’re worse on weed.” The movement targets teenagers and features videos, a Facebook and Tumblr. One problem, the videos are hysterical!

Sure you’re laughing your asses off, but see if you’re laughing when you transform into Stoner Sloth. Actually, that would be hilarious as fuck.

The videos show the lovable weed-smoking creatures not able to type a report, they mistake salad for salt, and they are not able to hold a conversation at a party. But they’re sloths?

Every time that I’ve seen a torpid sloth they’re doing jack shit. Just laying on a tree stuffing their weird sloth mouths with leaves. But these weed-smoking sloths have evolved incredibly. They’re wearing clothes, typing on computers, printing out reports, eating yummy human food at a dining table and getting invited to bomb-ass parties. Seems to me that marijuana is an incredible drug that will help you evolve several thousand years.

The bizarre reality of this marketing campaign is that it makes me beg to ask the question, “How fucking high were the writers of Stoner Sloth to create this extremely eccentric commercial?” Sloths rocking jeans and nearly hooking up at a party if it weren’t for Mother Nature not giving him the correct vocal chords and a pea-sized brain? I want some of what these writers are smoking. And don’t turn cannabis enthusiasts into charming sloths, transform them into something gross, like “Stoner Slug.” Or maybe, a simple, “Say ‘No’ To Drugs” campaign would be sufficient.

Make fun of this Australian commercial all you want, but remember that the United States had a talking dog anti-drug ad.

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