Bomb Your AP Calculus Exam? Meet The 14-Year-Old Bro Who Is One Of 12 People To Get A Perfect Freaking Score

I took AP Calculus my senior year of high school and, boy, fuck did I bomb that exam. It wasn’t my fault though. You see, I had great grades in AP Calculus. During the period before, my friend Ji-Yeh would let me copy her homework. Then, I sat next to her during exams and copied her tests. Finished the year with an A.

But before the AP exam, they told us we would be sat alphabetically. Having no one to cheat off of, I smoked a joint with my friends the morning of, who were just going to class, and tried to figure out things like cosine and tangent to no avail.

I got a 1. Like I said, not my fault.

But kudos to Landon Labuskes, who as a 14-year-old sophomore aced the exam. Aced. Didn’t miss a single fucking question.

Labuskes attends Paul VI High School, where he is now a junior, and was just informed of his amazing performance.

[He] aced the AP exam known as Calculus AB, getting every answer correct on a test lasting 3 hours and 15 minutes, with 45 multiple-choice questions and six in a free-response format.

Landon learned months ago that he got a 5 on the test. That hadn’t shocked him because he felt confident in the course material and always had a feel for math. But last week Landon was pulled out of his biology class, called to the principal’s office. There, he learned that he had performed flawlessly.

Fuck, man. Over 300,000 students took AP exams last year, and only 12 got a perfect score on the Calc AB exam. That’s hella impressive, because here’s a sample question.

Hahahaha what? I couldn’t make it through the first sentence without needing a drink. Not for Landon, though.

“I was definitely surprised,” Landon said Tuesday. “It’s a matter of knowing the math, but also being fortunate to not make any silly mistakes.”

The College Board had sent the Catholic school a Jan. 12 letter certifying Landon’s feat.

A College Board spokesman said it is customary to inform a school when a student attains the “remarkable achievement” of a perfect score.

Landon is quick to give credit to his teacher, Ann Watkins. “She does a really good job,” he said. He allowed that he is “a good math student,” but said he is not necessarily the best in the subject at the 1,000-student school.

Damn. What a dope Bro. I’d congratulate him, but I assume he’s way too smart to be reading a site like this.

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