If You’re On A Lame Vacation With Your Parents You Can Use This App To See Who’s DTF In Your Hotel

You know who likes family vacations? Parents. Are you a parent? I’m going to assume you’re not, because if you are then this entire intro paragraph isn’t going to work. Since you’re not a parent that means you must hate family vacations that have you revolving between sitting in a hotel and sitting on some suicide-inducing historical site tour with your family, so why not make your “vacation” a little more interesting by finding random people in your hotel who are DTF in your freetime?

“But how do I do this Rebecca? I can’t just WALK up to people and be like ‘ay bby u wan sum fuk’?”

Well duh you can’t do that you stupid, no one would ever get laid with that approach. You’re supposed to use this app called HelloTel, which is basically Tinder for people who are in hotels. Why can’t you just put your Tinder distance setting to 1 mile, since that would throw you results within your hotel as well? Well, you can. But that’s not as much fun as saying “I banged someone off of this Tinder for Hotels app.”

Like Tinder, but for horny/lonely people staying in hotels, users of the free app can seek out/directly message other like-minded, hopefully horny guests.
How’s it work? Simple: use the app to check into the hotel, create a profile through Facebook, and specify the reason for your stay: “business”, “vacation”…

From there, scroll through your hotel’s public feed to see if anyone catches your eye (filter by “social” and “business” to identify other possible single travelers) and get his or her attention by commenting on their posts/photos. “…

Via Thrillist

So the next time you’re on a lame-ass family vacation decide you want to do something/someone that isn’t a historical landmark, check out HelloTel, because you and I both know that you have absolutely nothing better to do.

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