This Dumb App Is Like Snapchat for Coworker Gossip

At a certain point, though, there comes a time when an overcrowded marketplace has to cap out. When ideas that maybe benefit from a clever pitch don't actually serve any useful purpose.

I now give you the OTR App. From Business Insider:

It's called O.T.R., which stands for Off The Record, and it lets you send private photos and messages to your coworkers.

The app lets you view the message or picture for a few seconds and then deletes it.

One big difference with O.T.R. versus Snapchat is that O.T.R. is not a mobile app. It's currently available as a browser add-on for Google Chrome, with IE and Firefox extensions coming soon and an app for Yammer. The idea is that most people are still using PCs while at work, not their smartphones.


Setting aside the fact that Snapchat doesn't have a great record keeping private pictures private… can you think of a worse place to exchange information you don't want others to see than an office? IT employees can install keystroke software on your computer, tracking every word you write. “Friendly” co-workers can screencap incriminating evidence. I'm not saying “Don't trust anybody” in a cubicle pit—but, uh, don't give competitive types fuel to add to your workplace self-immolation. This isn't great.

[H/T: Business Insider]