Let’s Not Forget That Today, April 18th, Is Anal Sex Day!

If you’re not familiar with Jim Jefferies, he is an outstanding comedian from Australia. You may have seen his comedy televison show Legit on FX that ran for two seasons. He also has created five comedy specials, with his last one titled Bare that was released in August of 2014, and you can watch this hilarious stand-up on Netflix.

In this fantastic one-hour comedy special, the brazen comic tackles controversial topics such as family values, pay equality and gun control. He also becomes the creator and ambassador to a new holiday that specifically celebrates men. Jefferies brilliantly points out that Valentine’s Day is explicitly geared towards women and that no man is excited for the flowers and chocolates holiday. “There’s no man that sees the Valentine’s Day decorations go up in the shopping mall and goes, “Ohhh Valentine’s Day is coming!'”

To counter the gynocentric holiday, Jefferies proposes a new day of jubilee that is catered towards the wants and needs of men everywhere.

“Wouldn’t it be nice to have one day that was for men that didn’t cost anything, that everyone could participate in. April 18th, Anal Sex Day. Everyone’s girlfriend or wife has to take it in the ass on April 18th. A month before you’ll be walking around the shopping center saying, ‘Ohh the decorations are up!’ And it’s good because if your bird didn’t take it in the ass, you could do the same thing that women do on Valentine’s Day when they don’t get a gift. You’d go like, ‘Oh me mate Jason and his wife took it in the ass twice. Obviously they’re more connected than we are.”

I think this is a celebration that we can behind and even though it’s only one special day, it is sure to make your whole week!