Arnold Schwarzenegger Is Apparently a Full-Time Redditor Now

This is really, really cool.

I've long suspected that someone really famous would one day make the leap from doing an AMA to becoming an active user of the site. It would have to be someone who found himself with an unexpected amount of time on his hands, who's shown an affinity toward interacting with fans, and who “gets” the humor and insidery culture of Reddit. And, while not necessary but certainly helpful, that someone could also be a person looking for help in the image department.

Schwarzenegger fits the mold. He's a notoriously affable guy coming off the most time-consuming job of his life—and the scandal of his life—and it makes sense that he would randomly post a video to the fitness subreddit, then interact with fans in the thread (while also popping into different threads). It remains to be seen whether he'll stay active on the site, but I'm willing to bet he will. The guy just seems like he genuinely enjoys the human contact.

Which is good for us, because let's face it: Love child with a maid or not, this is one of the most inspiring dudes alive. And everyone has a chance to shoot the shit with him online.

(As a sidenote: Carver's video is reason No. 8,342 why YouTube commentators are the bane of human existence.

HE HAS ONE LEG. OF COURSE HE'S USING HIS BACK A LITTLE BIT ON THE DEADLIFTS. Jesus Christ, keyboard warriors. Have some fucking empathy.)