Check Out The Human Barbie From The University Of Tennessee Who Is Actually Kind Of Hot?

I know I will catch heat from some of you for saying that Ashton Clark, 22, a psychology major at the University of Tennessee, might be “hot,” but when you compare her to all of the other “Human Barbies” we’ve run across she’s definitely got a little something going on here. Especially when you see the photo of her below with brunette hair.

Guess you’d like a little backstory before the photos though, right? Sure you do. Okay then.

Ashton Clarke is a clinical psychology research assistant and student at The University of Tennessee who hopes to one day earn a PhD. Ironic that a “Human Barbie” would so into psychology? I think that would definitely qualify.

So why would someone who obviously has some intelligence and a desire to understand the human mind want to turn herself into a “Human Barbie?”

Here’s what she tells The Daily Mail

“For years, I was terrified of doing the ‘Barbie look’ because I thought people would make fun of me. But for me when I look ‘fake,’ I feel more like ‘me’ than I ever have in my life. This is how I like to look. It may not be natural but it’s ‘me.’ People are always so taken back when they meet me because I don’t fit into the stereotypical mould they’ve placed me in because of my “artificial’ appearance. They expect me to be an airhead or shallow.”

“There are so many individuals who believe that you can’t be a successful academic whilst also dedicating time to your appearance. I want to show that it is possible. Make-up is an art and looking like a Barbie is just one of my many interests.”

Of course she has her detractors, but the fact that she was one of only a select few undergrads chosen to conduct research in the Tennessee’s clinical psychology department and is applying for PhD programs certainly shows she’s not letting them get the best of her.

“With make-up, my look is intentional. It’s me. Yet most people will look at me and think I’m an airhead or shallow and materialistic. It’s quite entertaining to be underestimated though. However, when I’m in an academic setting, it’s a little more serious. I always make sure to demonstrate to my professors early on that I’m capable and my make-up hobby does not hinder my ability to do research or write excellent papers. It’s just one of my many interests.”

Here are some photos of Ashton showing her Barbie look as well as that brunette photo I previously mentioned. Let us know what you think…

H/T Daily Mail