US-Led Assault OBLITERATES ISIS In The Largest Single Airstrike Of The Year On Islamic State

In a moment’s notice, ISIS lost so much money. A U.S.-led airstrike of coalition forces annihilated 83 oil tankers belonging to ISIS forces in Syria. Coalition aircraft including A-10s and F-16s eradicated an estimated $11 million worth of oil and trucks last weekend. USA Today reported that it is the “largest single airstrike this year against the Islamic State’s” oil business.


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“You’re going to have multiple effects from this one strike,” said Air Force commander Lt. Gen. Jeffrey Harrigian.

Sorry ISIL, it’s pretty difficult to sell black market oil when you don’t have oil tankers to deliver the goods.

Hey Daesh, maybe set up a lemonade stand or set up a Kickstarter to finance your caliphate.

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