‘Auntie Fee’s Cooking Show’ Is Probably The Most Ratchet And Unintentionally Hysterical Thing I’ve Seen All Week

I think I’ve found my new role model, and her name is Auntie Fee. Why is she my role model? This woman has 0 fucks to give, and gives them out well. What is she, 50? 55? And she’s not only making some ratchet diabetes-infused fried crescent roll and butter concoction, but watching an old lady say things like “It tastes real good for the kids and shit” and “I don’t know what the fuck this is” is hilarious. New life goal = give as few fucks as Auntie Fee when I’m old and decrepit.

Oh, and her house is frickin’ beautiful. 0 fucks and a nice house, that’s all I want in life.