Australian Woman Goes on Racist Rant Against Fellow Train Passenger With Asian Girlfriend

Oh, Ms. Wilkins, Ms. Wilkins, Ms. Wilkins. You’ve done gone did it this time.

The video picks up after the star of our show, Ms. Wilkins, got into an altercation with some young kids when she asked them to vacate their seats and the kids refused. She began berating them, and even assaulted the mother of the kids. She then calls the police to report the incident. I don’t know what kinda laws they have in Australia, but I don’t think it’s illegal not to give your seat to some fat wench.

You can just tell by her haggard face that this is a woman with a very bleak, dark soul. She quickly confirms this when she starts yelling at the children and then turning her vitriol on the Asian girlfriend of the video operator, casually throwing out ethnic slurs to the 911 operator.

It really kicks into high gear around the 2 minute mark, where she flies off the handle and goes off on the video operator’s girlfriend. She makes it rain racial slurs, she berates the woman to get out of her country, she does extremely offensive impersonations. I almost can’t believe this woman exists. She manages to get the whole train to turn against her in a matter of seconds. It’s quite impressive actually.

Here’s a tip for Ms. Wilkins – if you don’t like being videoed, you should probably do everything in your power to make the video as boring as possible. Had she just stood there, not saying a word, this guy would’ve had a video of “Woman Stands on Train,” but instead, she flew off the handle, and she gifted him with the amazing video of “Horrible Woman Goes on Despicable Racist Rant on Train.” You did this to yourself, Ms. Wilkins.

PS – I plan on using the term “bogan” a lot over this July 4th weekend to describe my friends. It’s apparently a derogatory way to describe people in Australia who are lower class. I guess kinda like saying white trash? I love it.