Yo! There’s An Avalanche Coming, Bro! You’re Just Going To Stand There And Watch It?

You know how long I’d be standing there to watch this a avalanche roll by me? Ummmm 0 seconds. That’s exactly how long.

Listen, I know this thing pales in comparison to a monstrous, demolish-everything-in-my-path kind of avalanche, but you only have to assume it’s a predecessor, right? Like, there has to be more where that comes from, and something making it happen, because snow doesn’t just decide to careen down a mountain by itself. I would NOT be this chill.

“Rare!!! Slow and very powerful avalanche. We hear the sound of trees that break!!!” the video’s caption reads.

That’s like a bad sign, guys!

No way your boy would be waiting around long enough taking in the beauty of a mini avalanche only to get obliterated by the real thing. Nope, nope, nope. Not the way I want to go out. Not today, not ever.

[h/t Mashable]

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