Mexico Wants You To Stop Buying American Products In This Over-The-Top Super Bowl Ad

by 4 years ago


In what is soon to be one of the most talked about Super Bowl ads, ‘Avocados From Mexico’ are attempting to trick Americans into buying Mexican avocados in place of the superior California grown avocados, and they’re doing so by using humor and religion.

‘Avocados From Mexico’ is actually a deceptive misnomer of a name, when I first saw that name I immediately assumed it was a big lobbying firm out of Mexico tasked with driving up sales of Mexican avocados. After all, 90% of all the avocados produced in the USA come from California, and California avocados (in my humble opinion) are vastly superior to their Mexican brethren.

But as it turns out, ‘Avocados From Mexico‘ is a Texas-based company who last year imported 1,763,593,888 pounds of Mexican avocados to the USA. If you weren’t already aware, the USA is imports more products than any other country in the world…so again, in my humble opinion, f*ck these guys for making hilarious Super Bowl commercials and not just setting up farms in Texas, which functionally has the same climate as Mexico from where they are importing the avocados. That said, they do in fact make a hell of a Super Bowl commercial, and people are going to love this one:


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