Getting A Baby Pudu Deer For The Girl In Your Life ASAP Is Probably A Great Idea

Bros, it doesn’t matter who the girl in your life is – girlfriend, sister, mom, grandmother, whatever – she will fucking love this adorable newborn pudu deer. Hell, I think I’m in love with it, too.

This little guy, recently born at the Queens Zoo in New York, NY, is the smallest species of deer on the ENTIRE planet. They don’t come any smaller! But, as you can see, his miniature stature is totally inverse to his ratings in the cuteness department.

Just look at this tiny fawn! How could you not love this? Best part is, he won’t even get bigger than 14-inches tall, so he’ll be this fetching forever. Can’t beat it!

Although it would be nothing short of the best thing ever having a baby pudu run around your dwelling, unfortunately, according to the newborn pudu’s press release from the Wildlife Conservation Society, that doesn’t seem too likely any time soon given the species’ rarity.

The arrival of the fawn brings the total number of pudu on exhibit at the Queens Zoo to three. This is the third year in a row this pair has successfully raised a fawn.

Pudu exhibit extraordinary behaviors. They bark when they sense danger and when chased, they run in a zig-zag pattern to escape predators including owls, foxes, pumas, and small cats.

Although small in stature, only 12 to 14 inches at the shoulder, pudu are excellent jumpers and sprinters. They are generally shy and solitary, preferring to hide in thick vegetation.

The Queens Zoo breeds pudu as part of the Species Survival Program (SSP), a cooperative breeding program designed to enhance the genetic viability and demographic stability of animal populations in zoos accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums.

Southern pudu are native to Chile and Argentina and are designated Vulnerable by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). Using research and conservation practices, WCS is working in the pudu’s range countries to grapple with ways to curb habitat loss and other threats to pudu and other native wildlife.

Well if you’re looking for some good guys to take in some refuge pudu, just holler, WCS. There’s no excuse not to make some extra room for these adorable creatures.

Plus, 100 out of 100 ladies surveyed agree they love the pudu, too. In case you can’t get enough of these little guys, here’s one demolishing his milk bottle at the Edinburgh Zoo for good measure.

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