Dude In Los Angeles Does Balloons of Nitrus Before Getting Busted By the Cops

This morning, a DUI-suspect was busted during a slow-speed chase in L.A.'s neighborhood of Panorama City. Right before the guy got popped by the cops, CBSLA television crews caught the guy pulling from balloons presumably filled with nitrous oxide, a.k.a hippy crack. Hard to tell is that's coming from a tank or whippets. My money is on whippets. Via CBSLA:

“When the officers initially approached him, he appeared to be gravely intoxicated. He was rocking back-and-forth in his vehicle and he continued to inhale the gas in the balloon,” Lt. Mitzi Fierro said.

Officers fired bean bags through the car’s passenger-side window to subdue him. They then used a baton to break the glass on the driver’s side window and removed the suspect from the vehicle.

Here's the crazy part: He keeps filling up MORE balloons before the cops move in. Dude. Get some help, man.



BRB. Going to go listen to shitty Disco Biscuits jamz for the rest of the afternoon.

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