The Basic Girls’ Guide To Finals Week As Shown Through Econ Graphs

‘Tis the season for finals, ladies, and we all know what that means: wearing yoga pants to the library after buying a gingerbread latte to wash down the Adderall I just popped because I’m going to literally spend like, ALL night studying. Except by “studying” I mean “stalking my ex on Facebook for an hour, then switching to Twitter because Facebook is soo last semester since everyone’s on Twitter now and I can totally see who he’s talking to, like, right that second.”

But you realize that like you’re not getting any work done in the library, so you drive back to your apartment, kick off your Uggs and get to WORK on that paper…after that episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians is over. Except you’re watching it on Netflix and like, how can you not watch the next episode? Like you’re expecting me to just WAIT to find out what’s going on with Khloe and Lamar? Please. Basic bitches wait for shit, and I am soo not basic.

Well actually, I’m a little basic. Like my Mom’s third cousin removed who’s a missionary in Zambia is a basic bitch and I guess like something happened with genetics and stuff it got transferred to me somehow, because I’m a Comm major. I’m only in Comm though because it involves almost like zero numbers and I hate counting things. But you know what’s stupid? I had to take an Econ class – ECON! What does Karl Marx (who was soo not hot, btdubbs) have to do with making pretty power points about my marketing pitch to North Face? Nothing!

I’ll admit I got one thing outta Econ 101 though…lots and lots of down time to doodle in my notebook. That sounds like a total waste but it wasn’t, promise. I felt kinda bad spending my time color-coordinating 500 pages full nothing, so instead I made some color-coordinated graphs that show how economic principles apply to real college life! You know, like if all that money you spent at brunch was worth it (which it totally was because #LiveMyLife #BrunchIsLove), but in graph form so you know when you’ve gone too far (which is impossible because #MimosasAreEverything).

It’d be great if I’d like learned what an economic principle was…but it’ll be whatever since Adderrall will be taking my exam for me. You don’t have study if you take Addy because it just makes you smart, right?