Dad Has Stroller Turned Into Batmobile Tumbler Because All Men Are Overgrown Children

Check out this dad who had his kid’s stroller turned into a replica of Batman’s Tumbler.

Check him out because that’s what he wants –attention for himself and his baby. He also wanted a stroller that looked like the Batmobile. His wife didn’t want it. His son didn’t want it. The other parents at the playground didn’t want it because now they have to look like a fucking asshole every time Super Dad shows up.

“Yes, I love you buddy, but I don’t know how to make your stroller look like the Batmobile. Please stop crying. Please stop. I’ll buy you the real Batmobile just fucking stop crying!”

Here’s more proof this was all for dad — EVERYONE FUCKING SAID SO!

Josh Earl’s house contains Batman memorabilia everywhere and his wife Maressa made a pretty good case for her husband being the ultimate Super Fan.

Earl told the Super Fan Builds crew that she already sees the Batman fandom rubbing off on their son Collin.

“Rubbing off” is a nice way of saying “he shoves the shit in the kid’s face until he’s got no choice but to like it because he wants daddy to love him.” But whatever, yipppeeeeee Batmobile dad!

Next episode, he’ll repair the damage done over years of pushing his interests onto his child. Should be fun. Tune in.

[H/T: Empty Lighthouse]

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