Vietnam Vet Col. Tony Nadal Recounts The Deadly Battle He’ll Never Forget (With Actual Battle Footage)

Colonel Tony Nadal is a veteran of the Vietnam War, and he lived through the Battle of LZ X-Ray, one of the most terrifying engagements of his life. Above, you can see Col. Nadal talk about the harrowing battle he’ll never forget, and he’s doing so as part of a new collaboration between the AARP and American Heroes Channel.

Premiering today on the American Heroes Channel, The Battle I’ll Never Forget, is a new special (Premieres TONIGHT 10/9c) that examines the most dangerous and critical conflicts in U.S. history, and these battle stories are told firsthand by the men who fought in these wars.

You can read the full press release on this incredible new series here, but before you do that here’s a quick overview of the episodes to come:

Philip Hollywood – US Navy

Philip Hollywood recalls his time aboard the USS Melvin during the Battle of Surigao Strait, the largest naval battle of World War II.

Col. Tony Nadal – US Army

Col. Tony Nadal recounts the Battle of The Ia Drang Valley, the first major battle between the US and North Vietnamese Army.

Garry Villalobos – US Army

Tank commander and Silver Star recipient Gary Villalobos tells of sacrifices made to clear a town of insurgents in the Battle of Tal Afar in 2005.

This will be a television experience unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before, and you would be wise to tune into the American Heroes Channel tonight (or set your DVR).

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