These Bear Cubs Suckin’ Milk Outta Bottle Will Liquify Your Masculinity, Make You Wanna Get A Unicorn Pregnant

The good thing about this video is that even if you find yourself involuntarily squealing at the sight of adorable bear cubs drinking milk from a bottle you can remind yourself that these are in fact animals that will grow up to be apex predators, and not puny bottom feeders of the food chain. That said, watching this POV footage 16 (adorable) abandoned bear cubs suckle milk from a bottle (filmed using a GoPro on the milk bottle) and clamor over each other for attention makes me forget all about how bears grow up to be a very, very deadly species….

Side note: I read about a Filipino word last night that we don’t have in English that may accurately describe some of the emotions you bros and lady bros are feeling right now. As we don’t actually have this word in English there is not an exact definition, only an approximation of what this word might mean:

Gigil: The urge to pinch or squeeze something that is irresistibly cute.

This is one of those videos where when you watch it all you can think about are the barriers to entry between you and you owning a bear cub. I love this video. And since I love this video of adorable bear cubs so much I’m now going to break down the highlights for you in GIF….Because that’s how I cope with the emotions I’m feeling from this video:

So, anyone know what it’d take for me to become the proud owner of an adorable bear cub? Or better yet, the proud parent of 16 wiggly bear cubs?

[International Fund For Animal Welfare / Twitter]