Colombian Beauty Queen Caught Smuggling Drugs To China Is Spared The Death Penalty

Don’t try and sneak drugs into China. Just don’t. This should be common knowledge by now but if you’re caught, you’re looking at much more than a slap on the wrist.

Miss World competitor, Juliana López Sarrazola, found this out the hard way when she was caught trying to sneak a pound and a half of coke into China. Ms. Sarrazola got off ‘lucky’ by receiving a 15-year sentence instead of the death penalty that she was originally looking at. In court, she claimed that she had smuggled the money in order to pay for travel and accommodations while modeling.

According to Latino Fox News,

“López Sarrazola’s lawyer stated that the Colombian beauty tried to borrow money from a man identified only as Sergio, who would pay her $2,500 for smuggling the cocaine.

She claimed that Sergio said he would kill her family if she didn’t cooperate. López Sarrazola’s lawyer quoted incriminated text messages sent to her cell phone as evidence of her being coerced into acting as a mule.”

I think we can all be thankful that Ms. Sarrazola wasn’t executed. Once again I need to emphasize, DON’T SMUGGLE DRUGS INTO CHINA. Japan, maybe. BUT NOT CHINA.

Here are some pictures from Juliana’s Instagram account and as you can clearly see that she is absolute knockout.