The Key To Salvation Is Beer! How Beer Can Save California From Drought

You’ve all heard by now about the drought in California that’s gotten so bad the governor has called for mandatory water restrictions. The state of California is basically turning into one giant dust cloud as the desert continues to stretch to the coast line, and people are freaking out. Scientists, politicians, and citizens are all clamoring for ways to fight the drought as the state enters forest fire season, but the key to salvation has been right there in front of their eyes all along: Californians need to drink more beer.

The Los Angeles Times put together an interactive graphic showing just about every food and beverage you can think of, and its accompanying ‘water footprint’, or how much water is used to bring that item from farm to table. Interestingly enough, of all the beverages we drink on a regular basis ‘beer’ uses the least amount of water, and therefore is the best for staving off the drought conditions in California:

If you’re curious what the ‘water footprint’ is of other items I highly suggest you check out the LA Times’ interactive graphic HERE, but for now you should all know that it’s time to step up to the plate and fight drought by drinking a lot more beer!