Two Men Open Fire On A Party After Losing A Beer Pong Match

Losing at beer pong sucks. Once you’re kicked off the table after a run, you hang your head in the shame of defeat and sulk into a red solo cup before inevitably moving on with your night like any sane human being. Not for 24-year-old Decoris “Red” Rucker and Chris “Crazy Chris” Hackett, two men from Cleveland, Texas attending a “large” party. According to The Smoking Gun, they shot up a “large” party right after losing a beer pong match. Reports do not indicate whether or not their opponents were violating the sacred rules against leaning:

Rucker and Hackett were among a group of five men who became upset after losing a backyard beer pong game. The men, witnesses said, ran from the home while firing wildly at partygoers. An 18-year-old woman was shot in the thigh during the gunfire.

Rucker, Hackett, and the other men fled in a 2006 Buick. Seen at left, Rucker, a convicted felon, has a lengthy rap sheet that includes burglary, assault, weapons, and drug arrests. In April, he was busted on several felony narcotics counts.

While no arrests have been made in the beer pong shooting, cops expect to file aggravated assault with a deadly weapon charges against the gunmen.

Here’s the police report from The Smoking Gun:

Too far, guys. Should have just chugged your beers and started chattin’ up the ladies like true Bros would do in this situation. You took the wisdom of Ron Swanson too literally.

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