Barbers Say This Is How Often You Should Get A Haircut If You Want To Look Your Best

Barbers Say This Is How Often You Should Get A Haircut


  • Figuring out how long you should wait before getting a haircut is a bit of mystery to a lot of men
  • However, barbers who know their stuff say there’s a sweet spot when determining how often you should hop in the chair
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“How often should you get your hair cut?” is a question we all ponder. Determining the best amount of time between haircuts can be tricky because a lot goes into answering that question.

Are you rocking a ‘high and tight’ style haircut? Does your hair grow fast? Do you prefer a shaggier look? Is there a big event on the horizon like a wedding or job interview that you need to look professional for? These are all valid questions to consider when determining the optimal amount of time between haircuts.

However, we can make some generalizations to determine the best time frame between haircuts. Max Berlinger of the New York Times spoke with NYC’s best barbers and asked them about this topic. As it turns out, the optimal amount of time between haircuts is three to six weeks on average (this varies, of course, with some men opting to get their haircut every week and others showing up every 8 weeks).

As for planning your haircut when there’s a big event on the horizon, the outlet notes that some men opt to get their haircut the day of or the day before. That is wrong. Why? Well, here’s what those barbers (who know a thing or two about hair) say about planning around a big event:

Most barbers recommend a buffer of one or two days, to allow the cut to settle. Mr. Wooster, who prefers a day-of cut when he is being photographed, said, “Some barbers say the only difference between a good haircut and a bad haircut is three days.”

Now, you could certainly argue that this article is just part of one huge haircut conspiracy and that the barbers of the world have banded together to do everything in their power to drum up business by getting customers to come back early and often.

If you think that’s the case and refuse to believe what they have to say, then so be it. I, on the other hand, am going to assume that someone who earns a living cutting hair in New York City and had one of the biggest newspapers in the world ask them for some haircut advice knows what they’re talking about.

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