The 20 Best Apps To Use When You’re High

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The legalization of marijuana in all 50 states was a pot smokers dream ten years ago. But in the past four years, Colorado, Washington, Oregon, Alaska, and Washington D.C. have legalized it to different extents.

Another 20 states have approved it for medical use only while the rest of the country remains in opposition of marijuana with some form of jail time attached to the possession or consumption of the drug. The debate over the legalization of marijuana is one of the biggest arguments in America today, and we have a Presidential campaign going on.

So for those of us that like to relax and have a good time, we have a little treat for you. We have found a bunch of mobile applications that have been thoroughly tested and approved by stoners from all over the country.

If you are high, the following games are a no-brainer to download on your phone and use immediately.

Enjoy the list.


Spun is a cool little app that lets you mash-up videos from your phone with whatever crazy shit you find stuffed in the Internet tubes in order to create quick, hilarious videos that are only a few seconds long. Basically, it’s a meme machine that is incredibly simple to use. And I know how much you love – no, how much you need – your memes.


Netflix is the perfect application for any mobile device or tablet for a stoner. Imagine not having to search for your dvd’s or wait for them to start playing, you just get to open up the app and start watching anything your heart desires. There are even some truly amazing movies and shows on there so be careful and have a list already selected.


Some of the best games are the easy addictive ones like Scoops. This is a game where you stack ice cream as high as you can without tipping over. Meanwhile, all the scoops look just as delicious animated as they do in real life.

Happy Wheels

The physics of Happy Wheels is entertaining but pointless. So it is naturally the coolest game to die laughing when playing. You can be a nerdy dad with his kid on the back of the bike or you can be the best one ever, a businessman on a segway. The latter is worth the download.

Laser Lights

Everyone listens to music when relaxing and enjoying a high, so why not have an app that lets you use laser lights to form glorious and colorful designs on your phone. The music will play and you create the visual using your fingers, enjoy.

Candy Maker Games

This game is made for little kids and stoners. There is no point to this game unless you are high and looking for something to do to stay busy like making some of the most popular candy in America, then blowing it up.

Google Earth

Why else would you need this application on your phone? Are you looking for someone? What is the real reason for using this app? If you’re high, you might find yourself acting as a God being able to control everything from up in the sky.

Pix’n Love Rush

The games you have seen so far all have one thing in common, ease of use. The games are fun to play when you’re high but most importantly, they are simple enough that anyone can have fun with them after awhile.

Beat the Dictator – Shoot 2 Kill

Who doesn’t love to kill douchey dictators? You could beat your boss but since that app sucks, just download the one that gives you a chance to beat the crap out of Hitler.

Tesla Toy

The colors seem to be coming from the tips of your fingers as you play with this app. Smoking weed can cause you to sit still for two hours just thinking of anything, this gives you something to do with your hands at least.

Colorin – The Free Coloring Book

Everyone loves to color, it is relaxing. Now it has become another way to waste time on your phone or tablets. If you wanted to be creative when smoking pot, this is one of those apps that will help give you a little perspective of your mindset.

Goat Simulator

If you thought this game was pointless sober, imagine how insane this thing is when you’re stoned. The game might take you a little while to get a hang for but when you do, try not to laugh too much.

Crossy Road

Frogger is a classic arcade game. Crossy Road gives the user a chance to experience what all 90’s kids enjoyed 25 years ago, and this time the animals change giving you more choices of characters to cross the road with.


Music has a key role in anyone maintaining a high so just add in some visualization, which you control, and every stoner using it will get a chance to experience something they have waited for since they began the euphoric road of happiness.

Robot Unicorn Attack

A robot sucks. Unicorn’s, however, are supposed to be a mythical creature loved by anyone and good luck for those that can find one. This game is so ridiculous, how can you hate it?


Now this is a game worth playing, high or not. The physics behind the gameplay provides one of the more entertaining apps on this list.


Music helps remove the stoner from the world they are in. Beatwave is just another application that plays custom music except you just need to check the boxes and the app does all the work. You might end up creating a masterpiece without knowing it.

Relax Melodies

Put on some headphones and turn them up really loud. Now get ready to lay down and close your eyes to experience one of the most amazingly relaxing feelings in your life. The thunderstorms sound so real, you might have to tread lightly here.

Angry Birds

Angry Birds has been around a few years now and has changed the way gaming and mobile devices interact. The game has become a brand that has spawned off several versions, video games, and even a full-length feature film.


Nothing beats an app that shows you all the different restaurants in your area, how to get there, and what people are saying about it. Smoking weed gives you the munchies, that’s a fact. So enjoy it and go get you something to eat already.