10 Mind-Blowing Tricks That Will Make You The King Of The Bar

Want to perform real-life magic? Want to win bets and amaze ladies, co-workers and complete strangers? Of course you do.

It may take some finesse and it may take some practice, but once you’ve got a few of these amazing bar tricks down, you’ve got yourself some of the sickest icebreakers, bet winners and deal-sealers of all time.

Magic Smoke

Creating smoke by rubbing your fingers together can be done with a matchbook and a little know-how.

Difficulty level: Super Easy

The Whiskey-Water Switch

With a little patience and a little practice, you’ll be winning this bet in no time. Ahhh, science at its best.

Difficulty level: Moderate (with minimum spillage)

The Coin in Bottle Trick

Another scientific breakthrough! If there was a rock, paper, scissor game with water and wood, water would beat wood.

Difficulty level: Easy

The Lighter Trick

A bottle sits atop a lighter. How do you remove the lighter without toppling it? Practice makes perfect, here.

Difficulty level: Advanced

Magic Toothpick Jumping

This is an awesome, visually surprising trick to impress a lady, work colleague or lady who happens to be a work colleague.

Difficulty level: Easy

Hilarious Bar Bet

So stupidly clever you might just get punched in the face. Our tip here is to bet one drink or a low amount of money so you don’t piss someone off for tricking them.

Difficulty level: Easy

Balancing Forks

So simple and yet it takes a surgical-level steady hand to get it right. Perfect for your bar and grille dinner date.

Difficulty level: Advanced

Wine Suction Trick

The bet? That you can make wine go into an upside down glass. And it works really, really well. Can we just get a “Hell yeah, science!” on this one?

Difficulty level: Moderate

Toothpick Self-formation

This take a minute or so of set-up but the pay-off is so, so good. Watch in amazement as you make a simultaneous contribution to the worlds of art, science and religion.

Difficulty level: Moderate

Turning Beer Bottles

To do this like a pro you’ve got to either have some hugenormous paws or log in some serious time getting it right. Once you do you’re probably going to make serious money off suckers who think you won’t be able to pull it off.

Difficulty level: Advanced (or easy if you have Shaq-sized hands)

Shocked bar customers image by Shutterstock