Tired Of Getting Ripped Off? Here Are Best Bags Of Chips For Your Broke Ass

Bags of chips always feel like a giant rip-off. Tons of unused real estate in those bags of Doritos and Lay’s.

You’ve got to make your fun money go far. You can’t be wasting your parent’s hard earned cash on giant bags of snacks that deliver nothing but expensive wisps of cheese-scented air when you rip open the bag.

The folks over at Thrillist went all mad researcher to figure out which bags of snacks deliver the most munchies per fifth meal. They tested multiple brands to find out which offered the most food per bag, which came with the most broken chips, which bags were lying about the number of chips in a bag and which brands deliver the goods.

The most important, in my opinion, is chips per dollar. This chart proves there really is only one choice.

That Chester dude knows what he’s doing by being hooked on the cheesy snacks that look like a dead woman’s digits (think about it) because Cheetos are worth the money. Fritos aren’t far behind but what the hell is the deal Funyons? You’re a disgrace.

H/T Thrillist

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