These Are The 25 Best Jobs In America And They All Sound Like Complete Malarkey

The online job website Glassdoor released its annual list of the 25 best jobs in America, and I must live in an odd area of America, because I’ve never heard of half of these positions.

Here’s the list along with the average salary:

  1. Data Scientist – $116,840
  2. Tax Manager – $108,000
  3. Solutions Architect – $119,500
  4. Engagement Manager – $125,000
  5. Mobile Developer – $90,000
  6. HR Manager – $85,000
  7. Physician Assistant – $85,000
  8. Product Manager – $106,680
  9. Software Engineer – $98,000
  10. Audit Manager – $95,000
  11. Analytics Manager – $105,000
  12. Software Development Manager – $135,000
  13. Product Marketing Manager – $115,000
  14. Marketing Manager – $90,000
  15. QA Manager – $85,000
  16. Finance Manager – $115,000
  17. Business Development Manager – $80,000
  18. UX Designer – $91,800
  19. Strategy Manager – $130,000
  20. Technical Account Manager- $69,548
  21. Consultant – $84,000
  22. Construction Superintendent – $78,000
  23. Nurse Practitioner – $99,500
  24. Electrical Engineer -$76,900
  25. Software Architect – $130,000

Some of the jobs I’m familiar with like a finance manager, consultant and electrical engineer but what the hell is an Analytics Manager? Let’s find out…

An analytics manager is responsible for the configuration, design, implementation, and support of the data analysis solution or business intelligence tool. Analytics is a subarea of statistics and is a growing area within the information technology industry. This type of software is used specifically to analyze huge quantities of information gathered through transactional activity.

So he’s the guy or girl who can read charts? It’s Chart Guy. Chart Guy makes $105K a year! Time to start inviting Chart Guy to happy hour.

Alright, so what’s a Solutions Architect?

A solution architect in information technology is a practitioner of solution architecture. Typically part of the solution development team, the solution architect is responsible for translating the requirements created by functional analysts into the architecture for that solution and describing it through the set of architecture and design artifacts. Those artifacts are then used by the rest of the development team to implement the solution. The process of defining architecture by the solution architect often involves selection of the most appropriate technology for the problem being solved.

Right, great, and these are all positions on the Death Star, correct?

I remember once reading that every job is created because someone else didn’t want to do one specific part of their job. Yup, that sounds about right.

[via Glassdoor]

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