The 10 Best Lacrosse Heads From 1997-2004

Lacrosse has forever been a dope sport, but no doubt its halcyon days were the years between 1997-2004, when Tillman Johnson patrolled the crease for UVA, Mikey Powell ran the attack for the Orangemen, Jessie Hubbard lit up the net for Princeton, and pop punk bands like Blink-182 and AFI pumped out jams that were perfect for the sport.

(It was also when I played.)

That era also had the sweetest heads, man. Some sick, fresh pieces of plastic that looked perfect both when cradling a lax ball and when slung over your shoulder as you walked down the hallway of your high school.

(Also, I could only think of eight, but I thought 10 looked better in the headline. Sorry.)

Here were the eight best.

8. STX Excalibur

The stick of dudes who got good grades. STX’s first reaction to the offset head craze that took over the sport.

7. Brine Edge Plus

Brine’s attempt to reinforce the sides of its most popular stick and appeal to defenders.

6. STX Proton

Only a middie would use this head. Only a basic ass, second-line middie.

5. Warrior Evolution

An attempt by Warrior to lighten their heavy Revolution, that, while a quality head, never developed the kind of following it deserved.

4. Warrior Razer

A late edition to the scene, coming on in maybe 2003, the Razer quickly became a favorite of attackmen around the NCAA.

3. STX Eclipse

If you were a goalie, you weren’t stepping into the crease with anything else.

2. Warrior Revolution

The kind of head that could leave an imprint on your thigh then someone walloped you good with it. The choice of a big guy who protected the crease. A great lacrosse head.

1. Brine Edge

The best stick, hands down. Light enough for an attackman, strong enough for a defenseman to throw sweet checks, there was no head better than the Brine Edge.

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