10 Best New Jersey Bars Every Bro Should Check Out

Every bro has that one story. The tale where the typical night out turns into an epic event for the ages. You go from sipping beers and busting chops to turning a “girls night out” into a crazy coed group, buying rounds for the bar and living it up until the sun comes up.

In honor of Cabo Diablo and making every night a night worth remembering, here are our ten favorite New Jersey bars where any night can turn into an insane adventure. After all, “tomorrow’s stories start tonight.”

The Stone Pony

The Stone Pony, one of the world’s best known music venues, opened its doors on Feb. 8, 1974. It’s been rocking the Garden State since the days Bruce was a nobody. The Stone Pony is still home to insane bands and great drinks. They come in and out of Asbury Park like it’s a stop on the NJ Turnpike.

The Pool At Harrah’s

Atlantic City casinos are struggling but the night life is still aces. The Pool At Harrah’s isn’t just a scene, it’s an event. Random celebs drop by to say hello or spin in the DJ booth and there is a massive pool in the middle of it all. A pool that’s always open. Chicks in bikinis at two in the morning is completely normal. Just pick your jaw up from off the ground and buy the DJ a shot of Cabo Diablo with the explicit instructions to “keep the night going forever!”

West 5 Supper Club

We bet you never thought you’d be allowed in a supper club, right? The West 5 Supper Club has been alluring guests with its slick but casual atmosphere, the West Five Supper Club opened in 2010 and quickly became a premier destination for food and music in the town of Hoboken. After the grub goes down, so do the lights, and the dance floor gets jammed with people you’ll want to be near (at least for the rest of the night).


Remember when you were a little bro and you and your friends would talk about opening a bar and having a ton of cool stuff like arcade games and…that was basically it, just video games and beer. Well, Barcade is the dream realized but way better than you ever could have dreamed it up. Barcade is a combination bar and arcade with a focus on classic video games and delicious drinks. Have some drinks and relive the fact you still can’t beat Double Dragon all these years later.

The Shannon

The Shannon is two bars under one roof — The front bar is an Irish Pub atmosphere great for socializing with friends or hitting on women. The back room is set for gaming — darts, foosball, pong, and even laughs. Every month, The Shannon plays host to WoW comedy night and features some of the hottest up-and-coming comics in the country. You can check them out before they break big or buy them a shot of Cabo Diablo if they happen to bomb.

6th Borough Bar

There’s a huge game on TV — Maybe it’s college football on a Saturday afternoon or a division rivalry match-up on a Monday night or the NCAA tournament or any event that a bro just can’t sit home alone and watch — the 6th Borough is the place to go.  The spot has TVs in every crack and crevice and awesome bar food to drown your sorrow in buffalo sauce when your team blows it again.

Cadillac Cantina

Cadillac Cantina is the bar for the bro who just doesn’t know where the night is going to lead or what he’s in the mood for on a given night. The Cantina is a party-hard spot on some days, and other days, it’s got a Mardi Gras vibe and a feeling that the night may never end. Who knows, it might never end.

Pier 115

Every once in a while, a bro scores a date with a girl who deserves just a little more than just delivery and Netflix. The Pier 115 Bar & Grill is a chill spot to take a special woman and trick her into thinking you’re way classier than you appear. With insane views from the west bank of the Hudson River, this waterfront restaurant and lounge offers over 100 different beers on tap and bottle, wood fired pizza and a couple massive flat screens in case the date falls on the same day the big game. It’s the perfect place to throw back some Cabo and soak up the incredible views of New York City.

Marty O’Brien’s Social Club

Sometimes a bro has to kick it old school. We’re not talking 1990s — more like 1890s.  Alright, maybe not THAT old school but back to the days when you’re old man or granddad were meeting friends at the bar for drinks and old stories about the glory days. Marty O’Brien’s is a call back to the days when Sinatra hung around the streets of Hoboken and looks as if it were ripped from a scene in The Godfather. It’s the perfect spot for bros to be bros, drink like they’re the opening act for New York nightclub, and ignore the modern world for just a couple rounds.

Legett’s Sand Bar

Did you really think we could do an entire list of New Jersey bars without including a spot at the Jersey shore? Sure, the Harrah’s Pool is technically at the beach, but you could spend days in AC without setting foot in the sand. We’re talking a real, legit beach spot that just as crazy at two in the afternoon as it is at two in the morning. Leggett’s Sand Bar is a step away from the Jersey sand and nothing soothes a deep sunburn (sunscreen bro!) better than a shot of Cabo Diablo and the AC pumping.