Is It Better To Date A Republican Or A Democrat? This Data Will Help You Decide

Since we are in the midst of some hot and heavy political action it might be a good idea when you’re cruising your favorite dating app to know what you are getting yourself into should the person on the other end of the Internet mention their political leanings.

Thankfully, knowing all of this, the fine folks over at Clover have put together this handy guide to help you decide whether you should be looking for a Democrat or a Republican to spend your upcoming Valentine’s Day weekend with (or any other time for that matter).

Here are a few of the key stats they dug up…

On the Democratic side…
1. Democrats are 2x more likely to smoke marijuana than Republicans
2. Democrats listen to hip hop 23% more than Republicans
3. Democrats meet for coffee 17% more than Republicans
4. Democrats have casual sex 30% more than Republicans

And over on the GOP side…
1. Republicans are 2x more likely to shoot a gun than Democrats
2. Republicans listen to country music 55% more than Democrats
3. Republicans are 200% more religious than Democrats
4. Republicans have sex outdoors 50% more than Democrats

Too much reading for you? Well, here’s a fancy chart to make it a little easier on you.

So there you go. Do you feel like sleeping with the enemy now?

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