This Bible Thumping Lady Berating Students Leaving High School Is The Craziest Person On The Internet Today

Not often I’m left speechless, but this is one of those moments for sure.

Like, what can you even say about this level of crazy? Go find something worth doing with your day, lady. Goddamn. Because hanging around a high school telling students you’ve never met that they’re bound for Hell totally isn’t cutting it. You think this shit makes Jesus proud? Pshhhh. He knows kids don’t watch MTV anymore!

Some of these outtakes are just so damn egregious. “How many of you are angels or demons out here?” Who even says that? A psychopath, that’s who. What’s the end goal here? To have those kids end up like her? A big X in society’s LOSS column.

Can’t blame the asst. principal for blowing a gasket on her either. It’d take every ounce of my being not to conveniently shove her into one of those departing school buses. It’s almost unbelievable the cops were that lenient, too.

And you want to know the craziest thing? She posted this video of herself acting like that. Thinking that that was a logical thing to do.

Some people, man. Smh.

Side note: love it when people try to invoke Constitutional rights when they have literally zero legal right to do so.

[via Times Union]