Survey Of Over 2,100 People Reveals The Biggest First Date Turn-Offs So DON’T DO THESE THINGS

You obviously want to make a good impression on a first date so it might behoove you to know what things are considered the biggest turn-offs if you want any chance at a second date.

Thankfully for us, there was a study done by the folks at iWhiteInstant of over 2,000 people in which we find out exactly what NOT to do on a first date.

Here’s what they found were the worst offenses, in descending order…

1. 77% said cheesy pick up lines.
Hard to believe that this was number one on the list once you see some of the rest, but it what it is.

2. 65% are not down with imperfect teeth.
Not much you can do about this one unless you have great dental insurance or are independently wealthy.

3. 64% hate it when you pay too much attention to your phone.
I figured in this day and age this would the top answer. Kind of a surprise.

4. 53% said arrogance was not cool.
You mean people don’t like hanging around with a-holes? No way.

5. 52% were put off by bad personal hygiene.
This also should be higher. I know it certainly is on my list.

Other turn-offs that didn’t make the top five?
35% – Treating waitresses poorly.
33% – Not offering to pay for the first date.

On the plus side, over half of those surveyed admitted to eventually going on a date with someone that they had initially been turned-off by. So you never know, even you do get rejected the first time around, there still might be hope.

H/T Esquire; Bad date image by Shutterstock

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