The 5 Biggest Liars Of The Last 5 Years

By now, there’s a good chance that you’ve heard the news about actor Steve Rannazzisi—otherwise known as Kevin from the popular TV show, The League—who finally admitted last week that he was telling a bold face lie about a story he was adamant about for years involving the attacks of 9/11.

As a quick recap: Rannazzisi said he was in one of the buildings that day, saying that he was working for Merrill Lynch in 2001, then, finally, told the truth by saying that he was absolutely full of shit.

That got us thinking about some other famous lies that have happened over the past few years—so let’s look back on some of the biggest liars we’ve come to known.

Lance Armstrong Made Us All Look Like Dopes

For years, former *seven-time Tour de France champ Lance Armstrong denied any wrongdoing in those who accused him of doping and using PEDs during his cycling career.

Hell, the dude even acted pissed off nearly every single time someone brought it up to him, showing that he may just have a future on the big screen.

Then, in 2013, Armstrong had a come to Jesus moment, agreed to do an interview with Oprah Winfrey and then told the world that he, indeed, doped, giving about 75 percent of hardcore cyclists what they want to hear.

​Farrah Abraham And That Sex Tape Thing



You can’t blame a girl for TRYING to go the same route that made Kim Kardashian famous, can you?

OK, maybe you can.

Former Teen Mom star, Farrah Abraham, insisted that a tape that surface with her and porn star James Deen was no more than a sex tape that, just happened to, get leaked onto the Internet and, of course, both were profiting from its popularity.

But when Deen came out and said that the two actually filmed a porno for Vivid Entertainment, Abraham’s story began to smell a little rotten, with her even confusing herself in the lie by saying there was a camera person, then that there wasn’t, then never forgetting if she said there was.

Let this be a lesson—don’t try to get famous from pornos.

​Tyga Is From Compton, Sort Of

Rapper Tyga might claim that he’s from Compton, but, back during a taping from a game show in 2008, he wasn’t so sure.

That’s because he said that he was actually raised in the The Valley and that his mom drove a Range, making his street cred a little less appealing to some fans.

Of course, he and his Young Money crew have said that Tyga was actually lying on that game show and that, yes, he’s really from Compton and the vid can’t bring him down because, video is gonna stop him because, “he still has plenty of money and will still have huge hits.”

Believe whatever the hell you want to, but, somewhere, Ice Cube and Dre are shaking their heads in disgust.

Manti Te’o And Lennay Kekua Weren’t Really Dating

Oh, man, remember how big this thing got? Seriously, because some jackass on the Internet decided to catfish one of the most polarizing college football players back during the 2012 season, Manti Te’o lost millions of dollars by slipping in the NFL draft.

We may never know if Te’o was involved in the hoax or not, but some people pointed the finger at him—fair or not—as this story was just absolutely heartbreaking to hear wasn’t true.

It just reminded us all of one simple thing—never be a superstar on a legendary college team and try to date someone online.

Brian Williams Wasn’t In That Helicopter, Bros

Early in 2015, longtime NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams recalled an incident that, according to him, happened while he was covering the Iraq War in 2003.

Going on air and saying that he was in a helicopter that was struck down 12 years ago, veterans who were involved in the incident called his ass out, saying that it never happened.

Forced to try and save face—well, as best he could—Williams apologized to viewers, voluntarily stepped down for a few days and was, ultimately, suspended for six months by NBC.

He just recently returned to the airwaves, but his reputation has taken a serious hit.

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