Biker from This Weekend’s New York City Incident Could Be Paralyzed for Life

Now, there's this: That guy Mieses, who was hit by Lien? He's paralyzed. From Gothamist:

Mieses was one of the bikers Lien plowed through to escape the motorcyclists after the first collision. Mieses is currently in a medically-induced coma with injuries to his heart, lungs and ribs, and is paralyzed from the waist down. His wife, Dayana Mieses, says he had dismounted to help Cruz after the initial collision. “This man needs to know he hurt someone,” she tells CBS 2, referring to Lien. “That man paralyzed my husband. He needs to pay for what he did.”


Here's what Mieses looks like now:

So to recap: Guy hits the bike of a group that drives erratically and has a track record of reckless and dangerous behavior. Bikers stop guy in middle of highway. Guy freaks out, tries to escape, paralyzes biker. Bikers hunt him down and nearly kill him. A New York tale.

This story has inspired an incredible amount of vitriol on both sides. Hate for Lien, hate for the bikers (who are routinely called animals in comment sections). All I can really say for sure? This is awful all around.