Bill Maher Argues For Nationwide Legalization Of Marijuana By Lighting Up Joint During TV Show

The outspoken host of Real Time with Bill Maher took his support for the legalization of marijuana to new highs by lighting up a joint during his TV show on Friday night. Maher went on a seven-minute diatribe about legalizing weed, how we haven’t progressed on the hot-button issue and told fellow weed enthusiasts to “get your heads out of your grass.”

He believes that a lot of influential people and corporations stand to lose a lot of money if weed is made legal including the DEA, prisons, pharmaceutical companies and breweries.

Somehow, this is the year that everything from socialism to mass deportation is on the table and voters love the authentic guys who speak their minds, but when it comes time for Congress to consider common-sense pot legislation, it’s like smoking a joint with Woody Harrelson; they just won’t pass it.

The liberal host compared legalization of marijuana with gay marriage and attacked the state-by-state legalization by saying, “When I leave Colorado, Oregon, Washington or Alaska, my back pain doesn’t go away. Or whatever it is I have. I’m kidding — I use medical marijuana because my third eye has glaucoma.”

“Somehow, you can drink alcohol. You can smoke cigarettes, you can do that thing where you cut off your oxygen with a belt and masturbate,” Maher joked. “Which is not only dangerous, but take it from me, it’ll get you kicked out of Macy’s menswear like that.”

Then the moment came when Maher took out a joint and smoked it during his show.

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Bill did come off as a rookie when he coughed after taking hit. Not Killer Mike though, he blazed like a champ.

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Legalize it morons, you’ll stand to make a shit-ton of money that you can then misappropriate.