Amateur Poker Player Bill Perkins Bet Dan Bilzerian $600K He Can’t Bike From LA To Vegas In 48 Hours

It all started when Dan Bilzerian supposedly bet poker player Samantha Abernathy that she couldn’t bike from L.A. to Vegas within a 72-hour timeframe without dying:

For the record, it IS possible to bike from L.A. to Vegas within 72 hours. According to Google Maps it should take approximately 28 hours, assuming you don’t stop to eat, sleep, piss off the side of the road, poop in some bushes, die while making your way through Death Valley etc.:

So it won’t be a comfortable ride, but she could possibly do it. As for how Bill Perkins fits into this, Perkins tweeted the same bet right back at Dan Bilzerian, except this time he upped the ante:

Remember how we said the trip would take 28 hours? That’s just speaking in general terms from L.A. to Vegas; the Google Maps route is 334 miles long. For Bilzerian and Perkins’ bet, Bilzerian only needs to pass the “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada” sign, which according to Bilzerian is only 278 miles from his house:

Whether or not that “I haven’t sat on a bicycle in 18 years” bit is an intro to Bilzerian bitching out remains to be seen. Perkins says he has until March 31st to start, but since the trip from Bilzerian’s house to the Nevada sign is even shorter than the Google Maps estimate he should be fine – but maybe have your assistant follow close by in a car anyway, just in case you get crushed by an 18-wheeler on the way and die. Or, y’know, collapse in Death Valley before you even hit the eight hour mark.

As for whether or not Dan will actually follow through with Perkins’ bet, well…

…let’s just say chances are good.

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