This Blonde’s Quite Skilled With Her Hands, Fillets Up A Halibut In Under 60 Seconds, Might Be Your Dream Girl

I’ve been fishing and filleting fish for my entire life and I’ve still got nothing on this blonde deckhand who’s an absolute wiz with a knife. Seriously, she makes quick work of that fish. Producing perfect fillets in under 60 seconds. She’s so quick with her hands that this video’s going viral like wildfire, already with nearly 3 million views on Facebook (if you prefer the YouTube version that’s below):

and for those of you that prefer to watch videos on YouTube instead of Facebook, here’s that same video but without the banner (via ViralHog):

You know what, I’m sitting here wondering if I’m so impressed by her skills or if I’m just humbled to see a chick that’s so killer with a knife. Either way, it’s refreshing to see that the deckhand on a head boat somewhere is a chick, as it’s usually the saltiest dudes imaginable. The fishing world needs more of this.

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