Bro Bodybuilder Was Born With Only One Arm And Can Still Bench Press More Than You

24-year-old Mak Okun was born with only one arm, but hasn’t let that stop him from becoming a bodybuilder nonetheless. According to Metro the Arizona native is missing the lower half of his left arm, however with the help of a company called Advanced Arm Dynamics which specializes in “upper extremity prosthetic rehabilitation,” Mak now has a “sleeve” that he attaches to what’s left of his arm to help him lift weights.

Don’t make the wrong assumption that his prosthetic arm does the majority of Mak’s heavy lifting though – while the arm is made from carbon fibre, it only “enables him to lift any weight his body is capable of.” So no, Mak does not gain Terminator-like strength from his prosthetic.

‘I was born missing my arm – I don’t care, that’s just the hand I was dealt in life, so I’ve got on with it.

‘My prosthetic is completely man powered and has helped me to even out my body – before I had a prosthetic and was training, I was strong on my right side but it caused by back to go.’(via)

Mak’s prosthetic isn’t the only thing that helps him with his bodybuilding though, seeing as how he adheres to a strict diet consisting primarily of meat and vegetables. However he does seem to have a boner for peanut butter:

But since changing to a strict diet which consists of mainly meat and vegetables, Mak’s health is no longer an issue. He doesn’t like to completely discipline his nutrition though, and does admit to having a sweet treat of peanut butter readily on demand.

…He said: ‘Although I love all types of meat and vegetables, I am big on peanut butter and eat it as anyone would a dessert – it’s a treat each day for me.’(via)

Mak has only one arm. You have two. And yet I’m pretty sure without ever having seen what you look like that you’re not anywhere near being as fit as Mak is – so what’s your excuse?

[H/T Metro]