Wild Theory Says One Man Is Behind Both The Missing Malaysian Airlines Plane And The One Downed In Ukraine

Back in March 2014, a Malaysia Airlines 777 disappeared somewhere over the Indian Ocean, dropping from radar screens, the 227 people on it never to be seen or heard from again.

Five months later, in July, a Malaysia Airlines 777 was downed over Ukraine, felled by a surface-to-air missile, with all 283 passengers dying.

Two Malaysia Airlines planes, both 777s, both gone. It’s either the greatest coincidence in recent history, or it’s the machinations of a truly, truly evil genius.

One man, a respected aviation expert, believes it really is the latter, a powerful super villain pulling strings behind the curtain, comfortable with the slaughter of civilians as mere collateral along the way to achieving his master plan.

Jeff Wise was CNN’s most trusted expert in their coverage of MH 370, the missing plane, and he thinks the two planes were targeted by one person.

That person?

You guessed it.

Frank Stallone.

No, wait. Vladimir Putin.

Wise is the author of a tremendous read about how he believes MH 370 was hijacked by Russia, a test of its ability to hack planes’ onboard computers.

Now, an independent research firm has concluded that the downing of MH 17 was most likely authorized by the upper echelon of Russian military leaders. Namely, Putin.

From a British investigative group’s report.

Ultimately, responsibility for the downing of MH17 from a weapon provided and possibly operated by the Russian military lies with the Ministry of Defense and the Supreme Commander of the Russian Armed Forces, President Vladimir Putin.’

Wise believes Putin authorized the strike, a theory he postulates on his personal blog.

The answer is, we don’t know Putin’s motive. Indeed the alarming upshot of MH17, and how badly the press and intelligentsia have bungled their attempts to understand it, is that we don’t understand Vladimir Putin at all. We can’t presume to guess what his cost/benefit analysis of this decision was. But based on a year’s worth of intensive reporting by Bellingcat, as well as on work released by the official Joint Investigative Team, Putin obviously felt he had reason enough.

Are the two incidents inextricably linked? Wise thinks so.

‘Within four months, two Malaysian Airlines 777s were taken out of the sky under suspicious circumstances. We know from the analysis of MH370s satcom system carried out by Mike Exner, Victor Iannello, Gerry Soejatman and others, that if a spoof hijacking was perpetrated on MH370 then whoever carried it out possessed an extremely high level of technical sophistication.

So high, in fact, that the attack must not only have been state sponsored, but sponsored by a state with cutting-edge technology in aircraft systems and satellite communications.

That being the case, if we suppose that MH370 was hijacked by someone other than Russia, then that would mean that two Malaysian Airlines 777s – of which only 15 existed out of a worldwide commercial aircraft fleet of perhaps 18,000 – happened to be targeted within the span of four months by two different major powers.

Certain that the first flight was a cyber hijacking, he believes it’s unlikely to be a coincidence that one country targeted Malaysia Airlines, then another did as well.

Ipso facto, it could only be Vlad.

Why is the question? What do you think, Bros?

[Via Daily Mail]