How This Boyfriend And Girlfriend Don’t Knock Off Each Other Over Their Despicable ‘Pranks’ Is Beyond Me

Meet Sarah Reay-Young and Shammi, her boyfriend. Shammi is an Australian entertainer. I looked and looked, but I couldn’t seem to find any photos of him on the Internet. No worries. Lovely Sarah is a fitness, glamour, bikini and promotional model, and I seemed to find some pics of her pretty easily.

The couple like to perform pranks on one another, but the pranks are really just trying to annoy the fuck out of each other and physically hurt each other where nobody goes to the hospital. They abuse each other by kicking, slapping, punching, throwing pies, tossing into water, snapping mouse traps on genitalia, cracking eggs, walloping raw chicken and taking one another on unwanted and dangerous couch trips. How they don’t murder each other is beyond me.

It’s like Spy Vs. Spy or Tom and Jerry or Wile E. Coyote Vs. The Road Runner, but in real life and minus explosives thank goodness. If you can’t throw your significant other into a cold river or set off a mousetrap on your loved one’s dick what is the point of a meaningful relationship? This is true love right here.

You can see more of Shammi on his YouTube channel and more of Sarah on her Instagram.