Man Illegally Parks In Handicap Spot, Gets His Car Turned Into A Blue Piñata And Is Publicly Shamed

If this video is any indication, the people of Brazil take illegal handicap parking very seriously. The Brasileños are so passionate about taking a stand against illegal handicap parking they’re willing to treat the offense like a parade during Carnival. They covered this dude’s car in blue ticker tape that would typically adorn a parade float, and put the white handicap logo on the side of it. Before spoiling too much of this man’s shame I’ll let you watch the video and we can meet on the other side, mad respect here to the people shaming this man:

You have to be a pretty huge asshole to illegally occupy a handicap parking spot unless it’s an absolute emergency (taking your child to the E.R., wife is in labor, etc). This assclown got everything he deserved. He obviously wasn’t experiencing any sort of an emergency, because he wasn’t rushed or in a crazy hurry. Instead he’s forced to face his shame, in the middle of a crowded street, with people everywhere making fun of him for being a jerk. And I can’t help but wonder how long he was parked in that spot. Sure, the people in this video might be experienced parade float decorators (I’ve seen Rio and Rio 2, I know how beloved floats are during Carnival). But the decorating of that car must’ve taken quite some time, no? I mean, just look at how hard that stuff is for him to get off:

In order for them to get that car fully blue, with the white handicap logo on the side they either had to go buy supplies or have the supplies on hand. Either way, the actual decorating of the car would then take an hour or more, right? So that dude was really squatting in that handicap spot. This wasn’t just a quick run into CVS to buy some Gatorade, he was reaaaaallllyyyyyy spending his time illegally occupying that post, and he got what he deserved.