Looks Like We’ve Got a Breast Milk Jewelry Scandal On Our Hands

The Associated Press only reports on the biggest stories of the day. Since they just moved this one to the wire, we suspect it’s only a matter of time until it dwarfs the Iran nuclear deal in both mainstream coverage and social chatter.

Several women who sent their breast milk to a Rhode Island jeweler to have it turned into keepsakes say they feel scammed after not receiving their jewelry.

Some customers tell WPRO-AM they sent MommyMilk Creations money and their milk up to two years ago and still haven’t received anything from company owner Allicia Mogavero.

Look, I’m not the world’s foremost expert on breast milk, but I’m pretty sure turning it into a stupid piece of jewelry should take less time than it takes an oyster to make a pearl.

For Magavero’s part, she says the orders are simply time-consuming. And who are you to tell her otherwise? The breast-milk jewelry game is one truly understood by a precious few.

She’ll probably send out the finished products when they’re ready, likely right around the kid’s high school graduation.

[H/T: Associated Press]