British Street Brawl Nearly Turns Deadly When One Wanker Tries To Run Over Everybody With His Car

If I told you we’d take a trip to Nottinghamshire, England, you’d probably think of having a spot of tea while starring at a picture of the queen or going to a pub to have a pint and watch soccer. It sounds like an absolutely delightful place, but on this night it’s actually the county where nearly 12 people were killed by vehicular homicide during this crazy street fight. There are many pubs in the area of Cannon Square in the city of Retford and it appears that some may have indulged in a few too many brews at 2 in the morning. Apparently an argy-bargy erupted in the streets and one wanker brought his car to a fistfight. The hard arsehole attempted to purposely run over pedestrians who were on the sidewalks, but thankfully it appears that he didn’t kill anyone. My favorite part of this video is the aftermath where the videographer is giggling because he got a kick out of the whole situation where his mates were nearly squished to death, “He was runnin’ people over for fun. It was GTA. (Speaking of his friend) He was nearly turned into mincemeat!”