New Survey Says British Women Prefer Sex With Fat Guys So Enjoy Your Next Workout Muscleheads

british women prefer fat guy sex


Good news, boys! Apparently being a fat, out-of-shape DNB isn’t a huge problem when it comes to getting with the women of Great Britain. And if that’s the case over there, well, there’s hope that it might also be the case here in the States.

In a survey of 2,544 British women 18-years-old and up, fat guys were the preferred choice of man when it comes to who they think is the best when it comes to having sex.

And it was by no small margin either. 38% of these ladies who claimed to have slept with men of all shapes and sizes said that fat boys (okay, they called them Overweight/Plus-Size, whatever) do it best in the bedroom.

Athletic/Muscly Men only got 21% of the vote, followed by Tall Men at 13%, Short Men at 10%, and Slim/Petite Men at just 9%.

When asked why these ladies chose the overweight bros over the other guys the women said

1. They seemed more eager to please me than themselves – 42%
2. They were more caring and gentle – 42%
3. They made me feel less self-conscious about my own body – 27%
4. I had better orgasms – 19%
5. They were more adventurous and willing to try new things – 14%

Darrell Freeman, MD of, the person behind this study, dropped these nuggets of wisdom, “There seems to be somewhat of a ‘chubby-chaser’ trend growing amongst British women. The fact that so many women prefer the sex they’ve had with lovers on the larger side just goes to show that chiseled looks and pumped up muscles aren’t everything, and it’s what’s on the inside that counts.”

And what’s on the inside is lots and lots of donuts, chicken wings, beer and apathy. That’s right, come at me ladies… I got the good stuff.

H/T Metro; Fat guy image by Shutterstock