Bro Gets Blackout Drunk On His Birthday, Wakes Up Skydiving In Most Insane Prank Video Of All Time


This prank has to be fake, right? No professional skydiver in his right mind would strap a blackout drunk guy to his chest and jump out of a plane, right? As Josh Paler Lin explains it, he went out the night of his birthday and woke up skydiving, which I’m not sure is humanly possible. In his own words:

Before you watch this you need to know 5 things:

1) I signed a waiver a few days ago before my bday, my friends covered the description part, so I signed it without knowing what and when exactly it was about. All I know was we gonna do something crazy for my bday.

2) I have never done skydiving in my life before.

3) I am extremely afraid of heights.

4) They put earplugs in my ears so I couldn’t hear the airplane noise.

5) I am super lightweight when it comes to drinking… I took a lot of shots the night before and was blacked out… all I remember was getting carried out the club or something like that and that’s it…

I will NEVER EVER drink on my birthday again… EVER. This was the best and worst birthday I ever had…. don’t worry I‘ll get back at them later…

Cool story, Bro. But no fucking way I’ll ever believe you…

[H/T: Elite]