Bro Who Never Ran A Marathon Before Runs 50 Miles While Eating And Drinking Beer Along The Way

Oh and did we mention that those 50 miles were through a freaking canyon? Because they were.

So what would make a man, Jesse Weber, with no obvious long-distance running skills try to do achieve an undertaking? Was it for some noble cause or to raise money for a charity? Nope. It was basically just to show people how NOT to run a marathon. And for our entertainment, of course.

Despite his lack of marathon skills Jesse must be in ridiculous shape because as he traversed the Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend of the Colorado River in Arizona he did it in true bro style.

Not that he didn’t have his painful moments as at mile 40 (40!) he did admit that “everything hurts.”

Rocking some jorts, talking pretty much the entire time, eating a buffet and drinking beer Weber certainly made the most of his adventure.

He also ate the “usual” runners diet of a grilled cheese sandwich, some Oreos, a little cheesecake and a pickle fried ham quesadilla.

“I regret nothing,” he says near the end of his journey.

I just regret that I wasn’t there to join him. Though I probably would have lasted about an hour and half. Probably best for me to just watch.


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