BRO OR NO? The Person Who Threw Mayonnaise On The Belgian Prime Minster

Getty ImagES

BRO OR NO? is a new, occasional series where we debate in the comments whether a move or a person is Bro. Today’s topic: The person who threw mayonnaise all over the Prime Minster of Belgium. 

Belgian Prime Minster Charles Michel gave a speech today on the nation’s austerity measures, a concern across the entire EU right now. In protest, anti-austerity activists doused Michel with pommes frites and mayo, those being the national food of Belgium.

The Case for Bro: Throwing a bunch of shit at a national leader is kinda cool.

The Case Against: They just ruined a really nice suit and wasted some tasty food.

So what do you think, Bros? Bro or No? Let us know in the comments. Let’s talk it out.